OfficeHours.FM is a podcast for those who're building a business around WordPress products or services. During the weekly live show, host Carrie Dils, a WordPress consultant, brings on successful guests from the WordPress business community to share insights and inspiration.
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Jul 11, 2017

On today's episode, Carrie is interviewing Troy Dean. This is Troy's second interview on  Troy and Carrie are discussing project scoping and putting your business in the best possible position with the client that will make you (and your client) more successful.

Jun 27, 2017

Join me as indepdent web contract Jordan Rupp and I discuss what goes into a formalized discovery process for a web project.

Jun 20, 2017

In this episode, Carrie talks with Erin Flynn about Client Onboarding and how this process can be simplified by using templates and communicating regularly with your client.

Jun 13, 2017

In this episode, Carrie and Heather talk about Contact Relationship Management (CRMs) and how that applies to a freelancer or small agency. The discussion covers when you get that customer in the door and launch the project all the way establishing a retainer agreement with them.

Jun 6, 2017

In this podcast, Carrie interviews Brett Cohen CEO & co-founder of emagine, a digital agency located south of Boston, MA. Brett shares his insights of sales and marketing the “hard way” where there is no substitute for calling and meeting people face to face.

Mar 27, 2017


What we talked about

  • Managing expectations from the very first interaction with a client
  • Taking ownership of every aspect of a project
  • Addressing "issues" immediately (no festering)
  • Adversarial relationship toward customers
  • Handling hard conversations (and keeping the emotion out)
  • The best (and worst) forms of communication
Mar 20, 2017

What we talked about

  • Using a business plan to decide what services you'll offer and what you won't
  • Before choosing your ideal customer, you need to have customers to choose from :)
  • When it's time to grow a team (and how to find the right people)
  • Managing cash flow
  • Business, communication, and tech tools used at
  • The importance of a mentor
Mar 13, 2017

What we talked about

  • The process of developing a customer niche
  • Just because you gear marketing toward your niche doesn't mean you can't serve others
  • The three-level marketing strategy
  •  How to get a client ASAP
  • Building confidence in yourself
  • The importance of content (and tips for getting into the swing of content creation)
  • Vetting potential clients
Mar 10, 2017

Solving all the problems.

Mar 6, 2017

What we talked about

  • The origins of managed WordPress hosting
  • Serving a niche in a crowded space
  • Find your differentiators that set you apart from the competition
  • Empowering others (teammates) to make decisions and take responsibility for the outcome
  • Working through explosive topics (i.e. politics) with your team
  • Expressing opinion as a company vs an individual
  • Joshua shares what inspires him
Feb 27, 2017

What we talked about

  • Going from solo owner/operator to a partnership
  • Accountability in a partnership
  • Inbound marketing
  • Engaging with your site visitors
  • Serving up content based on who's looking
  • How to get someone into your marketing funnel
Feb 20, 2017

Marketing is simply building trust and empathy with a group of people by talking to them. - Paul Jarvis

What we talked about

  • Email marketing as two-way communication
  • We hate marketing because we don't understand it
  • Alienate most people in order to get the right people on your email list
  • Unless there's engagement, having a huge list is meaningless
  • Email automation doesn't have to be intimidating
  • Getting started with email marketing

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Feb 13, 2017

What We Talked About

  • Freelancing "back in the day"
  • Turning a passion into a revenue stream
  • Opportunities to systematize repetitive tasks
  • Opportunities to upsell clients (while offering great value)
  • Quarterly "temperature" calls
  • Defining your ideal client (and evolving that over time)
  • Taking time away from work to work on your business
  • Self/soul searching to figure out what it is we want to work on
Feb 6, 2017

What we talked about

  • Setting financial stretch goals (and achieving them)
  • The power of saying your goals "out loud"
  • Investing in your business
  • Serving a micro-niche vs a general client base (and how that can help with content strategy)
  • The value and importance of live industry events
Jan 30, 2017

What we talked about

  • Getting out from behind the computer and meeting folk
  • Expressing yourself through content
  • Having a professional online persona
  • Getting into the habit of writing with directive journaling v 
  • Brainstorming content
  • Promoting your content (and others)
Jan 23, 2017

What we talked about

  • Being different in a crowded space
  • Internalizing what others are doing and then innovating on it
  • Copying someone's motivation vs copying someone's results
  • Be the freelancer that answers the phone!
  • If your offer isn't interesting and compelling, get a job and learn new things
  • Risk dynamic as a freelancer vs an employee
  • Go deep, not wide
Jan 16, 2017

What we talked about

  • How to do your own content marketing by making a brand plan
  • What to do if you started blogging before you had a brand plan
  • The backstory behind Pamela's new book, Master Content Marketing
  • Writing (confidently) even if you don't feel like a "writer"
  • Content marketing as a creative act
  • Education through content
Jan 9, 2017

What we talked about

You will never get the complete story from an email or a Slack message. - Karim Marucchi

  • Account management for small agencies and freelancers
  • Using account management as business development
  • Differences between an account manager and a project manager
  • Coming across to your clients as the expert
  • The importance of "face time" vs email
  • Using email as a followup to a conversation, not the conversation itself
  • Tips for composure and "positive control" in tough conversations
  • How to make client delays work in your favor
Jan 2, 2017

What we talked about

  • The isolation and anxiety many freelancers feel
  • Online relationships vs real-world friends
  • How to make connections online
  • Being your true self online without oversharing
  • Active listening
  • Mental health maintenance
  • How to find the right therapist
  • Yoga!
Dec 15, 2016

What we talked about

  • Educating prospective clients
  • The unique challenge of offering services in a small community
  • Preparing for seasonality (the lows and highs)
  • Working locally (vs digitally)
  • Goal setting
  • Building monthly recurring client revenue
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